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Microblading - PhiBrows by Barbara Bodys, B.Enhanced.Artistry

Everything you need to know about PhiBrows microblading treatments at English Rose Beauty House.

What is Microblading?

Microblading, also known as eyebrow embroidery or eyebrow feathering, is a form of semi-permanent makeup. It's performed using a handheld tool, comprised of 6-18 micro-needles in the shape of a blade, hence the name microblade. It is not done by a machine, it is hand done in crisp, hair-like strokes that reach the deep layers of the epidermis. Microblading creates a natural look that adds hair strokes and volume to your brows.



- Avoid blood thinners (blood thinners cause bleeding, swelling, hypersensitivity, slows healing) 

- Avoid soda / energy drinks / coffee on the day of your appointment 

- Avoid alcohol for 24 hours before your appointment 

- Avoid fish oil vitamin E (natural blood thinner) for one week prior to your appointment  

- Avoid Aspirin or ibuprofen on the day of your appointment  

- Avoid exercise and massage (circulates blood) on the day of your appointment  

- Avoid exfoliation/chemical peels, anti-aging or acne treatments on the brow area, two weeks prior to your appointment  

- Avoid sun exposure / sunbeds two weeks prior to your appointment  

- Do not pick, tweeze, perform electrolysis two weeks prior; do not wax or tint for 3 days prior to your appointment 

- Please make sure to eat breakfast and / or lunch before your appointment



Here’s a quick run-down of a typical service provided by an official PhiBrows artist.


First a patch test will need to be done on the skin, at least 24-48 hours before the procedure. Your patch test kit will be sent to your home address before the treatment.


Before the appointment begins, the artist will provide a quick consultation to discuss the expectations and results of the treatment. The artist then draws on the eyebrow shape according to the PhiBrows golden ratio measuring tool. Brows are measured perfectly to complement your unique face shape and size. Next, the artist chooses the perfect PhiBrows colour. Initial strokes are placed, and then anaesthetic gel is applied to reduce discomfort. Pigment is worked into each stroke to define the brow. After, a pigment layer is left to absorb into the skin. Once that’s finished, the artist cleans the area thoroughly.


After the procedure, you will be given a post-treatment pack to take home, including a protective balm and instructions on how to care for your newly microbladed brows.



- Use the PhiWipe provided in your aftercare pack 30 minutes after your appointment to wipe your brows. You’ll see some pigment come off, don’t panic, this is 100% normal.      

- Use your PhiPatches on the first night to cover your brows, these will provide a barrier to help keep them clean. Remember to take them off in the morning.      

- In your aftercare pack, you will find a little pot of Phi Skin Candy. Using a clean cotton bud, apply the Skin Candy in a dabbing motion across your brows at the specified intervals and days below:


 Days 1 and 2: Every 1 to 2 hours.   

 Days 3 and 4: Every 3 to 4 hours   

 Days 5 and 6: Every 4 to 6 hours.   

 Days 7 to 9: Once a day (preferably in the morning to protect your brows from dirt and dust)


If you have oily skin, you can wash your brows in warm water once or twice a day, if you have normal to dry skin then you do not need to wash the brow area for the duration of the 10 days, unless they get dirty, oily or sweaty. Always pat dry, do not rub your brow area.

- No facials, Botox, chemical treatments or microdermabrasion for 4 weeks 

- Avoid hot, sweaty exercise for the next 10 days 

- Avoid direct sun exposure or tanning for 4 weeks after procedure. Wear a hat when outdoors

- Avoid heavy sweating and long hot showers for the first 10 days

- Avoid sleeping on your face for the first 10 days 

- Avoid swimming, lakes & hot tubs for the first 10 days 

- Avoid makeup on the area for 10 days



- Anyone that wants the convenience of not filling in their brows with makeup

- Anyone that wants help with shaping their brows, and wants their shaping to stay perfected 

- Anyone with sparse brows 

- Anyone with areas of their brows that will not grow back, which could be due to alopecia or damaged follicles 

- Active people who are swimming, hiking, outdoorsy etc. and need the convenience of having their eyebrows done for you and not wiping off throughout the day. Mums, who don't have time to put makeup on in the morning, are other ideal candidates



Although this step is quite frightening to most clients as the drawn shape looks darker and bigger than their natural brow shape, we want to make sure you are able to get a good idea of what it will look like. We will measure and map out your eyebrows, and check in with you before proceeding. If you would like changes made before we start, we are happy to do so!



Some things recommended for your appointment:

- Make sure you've had something to eat before your treatment.

- You may want to bring your headphones, if you would like to listen to music during your procedure. Although, there will be a ambient music played in the background to make you more relaxed.

- You may need some snacks, in case you feel hungry and want a 5 minute break. 

- You may want to bring earplugs, if you would like to sleep/rest. Yes, some people fall asleep during their treatment!

- Please bring a sweater / jacket in case you feel cold. Air conditioner units in the procedure room must stay on. 

- Please bring your foundation / makeup, in case you want to touch up your makeup for the “after” pictures. During the procedure, parts of your foundation around the brows and forehead will be removed. Barbara would also recommend you to put makeup on before your appointment, if you would like to be picture perfect for the “before” and “after” photos.  

- You may be asked for photo ID.

Yes, you do need to prep before your appointment. Please follow the PRE-CARE PREPARATION steps above. The pre-care is there to ensure the best and smoothest results. By not following directions, you are risking blotchy healed brows, scarring, poor ink intake, bleeding etc . 

Please note, no other person may enter the procedure room during your treatment. It will only be you and your technician. 



It takes approximately 5-14 days for the brows to heal. It takes about a month for the colour to fully set in. So final results will be seen at 4 weeks! The process and ink used is meant to look very dark initially. The results fade into a much softer finish. Fading is about 30-50%.  


During the healing process it's normal for newly microbladed eyebrows to crack and peel. Your skin is renewing itself, a process of healing the area. A reminder! Please do not try to peel off any of the scabs. Allow the brows to heal themselves to prevent a blotchy and uneven outcome.


Price List

- PhiBrows Microblading - £199 (WAS £275)

Natural, hyper-realistic eyebrows | 2-3 hours |  1st part of the full treatment | 4-8 weeks touch up required | check cancellation policy 


- Microblading & Shade - £275

A mixture of hyper-realistic hair strokes and light shading | It gives the illusion of fuller brows | The best option for oilier skin types, very sparse brows or for stronger bolder look. | 2-3 hours | Two sessions required


- Top-up£125

2nd part of the PhiBrows Microblading treatment | 1-2 hours | Required 4-8 weeks post initial treatment


- Colour Boost (8+ weeks post treatment) - £150

2nd part of the PhiBrows Microblading treatment | Applicable if missed the required 4-8 weeks top up session.


- Colour Boost (12+ months post treatment) - £200

2 hour 30 min | Only if the initial treatment was performed by B.Enhanced.Artistry | 1 session required.


- Colour Re-touch (18+ months post treatment) - £250

Colour & shape boost | only available to B.Enhanced.Artistry’s clients | typically 1 session required but due to some skin types/conditions, pigment retention, etc. additional top up may be required 


- Colour & Shape Corrections - price per consultation

Colour & shape corrections are a complex art that will only be quoted case by case. Only for work not performed by B. Enhanced. Artistry.

Barbara will need 3 clear photos (from from the front, one for each side) are sent to her to determine if the treatment can be completed and the price for this service. More than two sittings may be required for the best outcome.

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