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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Wedding Makeup Trial at English Rose

Our 5 Top Tips To Making The Most Of Your Bridal Makeup Trial

 We aim to get you looking like the best version of YOU for the big day! Here's our five top tips when it comes to making the most of your wedding makeup trial at English Rose Beauty House.

1. Get Pinning!

There is so much inspiration online when it comes to your bridal beauty look - Pinterest is the holy grail for assisting in wedding planning in general. Even if you can’t find the exact look you are envisioning, a collection of images will give our make-up queen, Lizzie, a ‘feel’ for the look you’re going for. Including your dress and colour swatches!


2. What If I Just Don't Have A Clue?
Some questions to ask yourself:

- How do you normally wear your makeup? There are no rules – if you feel comfortable wearing a light application then wear a light application! There are so many clever things Lizzie can do to still make your look special.

- When do you get the most compliments? When you're wearing a smoky eye or just a bare scrap of makeup? When do you feel your best?

- How much makeup do you wear every day? You don’t have to wear stage makeup just because it’s your wedding day, we promise.

- Are you likely to pay attention to your makeup on the day? If not, we wouldn’t suggest a strong lip.

- Is your venue dramatic & dark, or light and airy? You can get away with a more intense makeup look in candlelight and  at later timed ceremonies.

3. Prep Prep Prep!

Lizzie is talented, but a little help goes a long way!


This is the boring but essential bit! Drinking lots of water pre-wedding, getting regular facial hair waxing and brow tinting / shaping & having a couple of facials pre-wedding makeup trial are all going to help you look your best. You’re aiming for a great canvas that we can further enhance.


4. How To Arrive For The Trial
We find it really helpful when the bride turns up with her regular makeup on. This gives us an idea of how she looks every day and what kind of makeup she feels comfortable with. We can then provide ELEMIS products for the removal of this make-up, before we get to work! If you use another preferred brand then please feel free to bring this along too.


5. What To Bring To Your Trial & When To Schedule It
Scheduling the trial after you’ve bought ‘the’ dress is pretty helpful; as it guides the whole look and focuses the mind as to how you’d like your makeup. You don’t need to bring it with you - but a picture would be really helpful! We normally suggest planing the trial 1-3 months before the wedding date.

It’s good to wear your makeup ‘look’ for an hour or so and take a look at it in different mirrors in your home to get used to it. 

Bridal Makeup at English Rose Beauty House
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