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Waxing Advice & Aftercare



Before your Waxing Appointment:

Firstly, PLEASE don't worry. It will be much easier than you think. You are in good hands. We will look after you.


Please note: We are unable to perform the wax treatment if you are Diabetic, taking Roaccutane (only applies to facial waxing) or steroids and have sunburn or serious medical conditions, so please check first.


We advise you wear loose clothing to your appointment and do not apply any lotions to the area prior to being treated.


Please make sure your hair has grown to a sufficient length to be waxed. Usually a minimum of 0.5cm. If you have been shaving, we recommend 12-14 days growth. If the hair is longer than 2cm, please trim before your appointment to 2cm maximum. Thank you.


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us on: 01954 261176.

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