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Amie Holder-Soares will be offering Skincare Consultations (from £15), Chemical Skin Peels and an assortment of Microneedling treatments ​as part of Skin Studio; helping you achieve your best skin to date!

A Skin Consultation is required with Amie Holder-Soares - a medical professional - before booking Microneedling / Mesotherapy to ensure your suitability. Treatment plans vary from person to person - as after all, your skin is as unique as you are. We recommend a course of three treatments initially.

Microneedling uses a mesotherapy cocktail packed with Hyaluronic & amino acids. This increases skin turn-over for a health glow, whilst promoting collagen & elastin stimulation to leave your skin feeling tighter and brighter.

SKINrePEN Microneedling / Collagen Therapy, from £150

Anti-Ageing Microneedling


What is Collagen Therapy?

  • Microneedling is a treatment which creates tiny microchannels in the skin.

  • It helps promote cells to communicate.

  • Can help to generate new collagen.

  • The tissue can become smoother, firmed and more toned.

  • Can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Promotion of hair follicles.

  • Reduces appearance of scarring.

  • Can be used on all parts of the body.

  • Either a dermal roller or a pen can be used.

  • Can be used on its own or with Mesotherapy.

  • 80% more of your skincare products will enter the skin; compared to 8-11% without micro-needling.


A skin cycle is 28 days, therefore Collagen Therapy works best through having a course of treatment over 3 months. If you are considering having this treatment, please discuss with your clinician beforehand to arrange a time which will suit you best. You need to avoid sun exposure throughout your treatment - so planning this in either before or straight after your holiday is not advised.

Treatment options for collagen renewal (reduce fine lines and wrinkles):

1. One session of Collagen Therapy                         


30 minutes

(For optimum results a course of treatments is advised.)


2. Course of three Collagen Therapy Treatments

£400.00 (saving 10%)

(One treatment every 28 days.)


Hyperpigmentation Microneedling, from £150

Hyperpigmentation is a condition where the skin appears pigmented - which can be areas of light or dark patches, brown spots and / or the general appearance of an uneven skin tone.

Some causes of hyperpigmentation are: UV-R, pregnancy, hormone treatments, drugs (such as anti-epileptic, anti-depressants, anti-malarials, NSAIDS etc), acne, trauma, burns, insect bites, aged cells that have forgotten how to function, essential oils and fragrances.

Microneedling or Collagen Therapy works well in these cases for a number of reasons:


  • It restores the keratinocyte function which helps normalise the cell-to-cell communication with melanocytes - resulting in the cell optimising its pigment uptake.

  • Promotes melanosome transfer through keratinocyte growth factor; which then stimulates the phagocytic process.

  • Microneedling helps to normalise melangenesis, melanocyte differentiation & dendrite formation.

​Collagen Therapy to treat hyperpigmentation requires between 4-6 sessions; with a gap of 4-8 weeks between each session. It's chemical free and induces the body to heal itself - there are no side effects and the results last for a long time with correct aftercare.

Treatment options for Hyperpigmentation 

1. One session of Collagen Therapy


30 minutes
(For optimum results a course of treatments is advised.)

2. Course of four Collagen Therapy Treatments  

£540.00 (saving 10%)
(One treatment every 4-8 weeks, to be discussed at your consultation.)

Scarring Microneedling, from £150

Scarring is basically an accumulation of collagen.


There are two types of scarring: keloids and hypertrophic scaring. Scarring is most commonly caused by infection, recurrent trauma, debris and excess wound tension.

Scarring can be treated effectively with Microneedling; which works by causing tiny, micro injuries to your skin. These injuries encourage the cells to start communicating; with the subsequent healing that takes place being regenerative. This means your skin will heal from the bottom up rather than cicatricially (where the skin heals from the top down.) Needling increases the epidermal growth factors and helps the mechanical breakdown of existing scarring.

Regenerative healing is more structured and has a more compact stratum corneum. This therefore reduces and improves the appearance of scarring, allowing the skin to be smoother in appearance. Microneedling also increases metalloproteinases (MMPS) to remodel scar tissue; allowing for new, natural wound healing.

Unlike other treatments, Dermal Needling breaks down scar tissue. This treatment is mechanical and non-ablative - unlike chemical / thermal procedures which can be very harsh on the epidermis.

Treatment options for Scar Therapy:

1. One session of Collagen Therapy                          


30 minutes

(For optimum results a course of treatments is advised.)


2. Course of three Collagen Therapy Treatments  

£400.00 (saving 10%)

(One treatment every 28 days.)

Microneedling (1).png

Hair Loss Microneedling, from £250

Hair loss can be caused by many factors such as stress, genetics, iron deficiencies, infections ( be these bacterial, fungal or parasitic), hypothyroidism, chemotherapy and other drugs, trauma such as too much tension on the hair, excessive brushing, hair dryer damage and perms. Then there's the skin conditions which can cause this issue - such as psoriasis sclederma and discoid lupus. Seborrhoeic dermatitis results in the change and quality of the amount of oil secreted from the gland; creating a hostile environment for hair growth.

The hair has three growth cycle phases. Anagen, catagen and telogen. Around 50-100 hairs are shed in the telogen phase every day and the same amount 50-100 new follicles enter the anagen phase. The idea of Microneedling these areas is to try and keep the hair in the anagen phase; preventing prevent hair loss.

Microneedling can help treat hair loss by increasing the availability of cell nutrients and topical medication. It stimulates blood flow and releases vascular endothelial growth factor; which causes vascularisation of the hair follicle... in turn promoting hair growth increasing follicle size.

It can take time for Microneedling / Collagen Therapy to work and results are slow as we are working with the extracellular matrix.

Products can be applied via Mesotherapy to help stimulate growth and give a burst of nutrients to the area. Mesotherapy treatment are cocktails made up for specifically for the area of concern - and when administered alongside Collagen Therapy, this means that 80% more of the product is absorbed into the skin than without it.


Treatment options for Scalp and Hair Regeneration with a Mesotherapy Cocktail:

1. One session of Microneedling of the scalp       

30 minutes

(Please be aware for optimum results, a course of treatments is required.)


2. Course of 6 x Treatments (One treatment per month for 6 months)       

£1450.00 (saving of £150.00)

(Includes 1 x haircare, 1 x conditioner and personal roller package)


3. Course of 12 x Treatments (One treatment per month for a year)    

£2700.00 (saving £300.00)

(includes 2x haircare, 2x conditioner and personal roller package.)

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