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Ear & Nose Piercing


English Rose Beauty House use the Studex system for ear piercings. Studex is the world’s largest ear piercing manufacturer. It's 100% hypoallergenic, U.S. FDA and EC compliant and is trusted by more retailers, jewellers and physicians than any other system in the world. Prices include bravery certificate for young clients and the brand NEW Advanced aftercare solution that can heal lobe piercings in as little as just three weeks as opposed to the usual six weeks..


**PLEASE NOTE**: We now only offer ear piercing for clients aged 6 years and over.


Ear Piercing (9ct Gold Studs)


Lobe piercing only.

Nose Piercing


We use the Medisept Nose Piercer for these piercings - which is been designed & manufactured by Studex... and is arguably the most innovative system available. It's recognised by local health authorities and has a patented design.

This piercing gun uses a fully disposable cartridge system; making it extremely hygienic, touch free operation - with each sealed cartridge containing one pre-sterilised nose piercing stud.

The jewellery for the Medisept system is Titanium; manufactured to FDA medical standards in the USA, with a Polished Titanium for a "silver" effect and Champagne for a "gold" look. The studs have been specifically designed with a flared post to prevent the need for a clasp inside the nostril - and to ensure the stud remains in place throughout the entire healing period.

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