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Nose Piercing Aftercare

Nose Piercing


As part of the piercing process, your technician will take you through the aftercare steps both before and then after the piercing. We know that with the anticipation and excitement of getting your new piercing, you may not be paying full attention, so your Studex technician will provide you with a copy of the daily steps to follow and "Dos and Donts."

Studex After Piercing Lotion is a must for use straight after your new piercing - and throughout the healing period. A pH balanced solution, this lotion acts as a flushing agent; as well as soothing and promoting healing.

Always handle your new piercing with clean hands and remember to carefully rotate at least twice a day, cleaning carefully at the front and back.

  1. How long do I need to keep my nose piercing jewellery in for? A minimum of 8 weeks for the nose.

  2. Can I take the jewellery out before the end of the healing period? Removing the jewellery too soon could affect the healthy healing of your piercing and you may struggle to reposition after removing. The recommended guidelines are based on over 4 decades of experience so trust us, we know what is best for your piercing.

  3. Apply the Piercing Lotion to the nose up to 3 times per day, on the outside only.

  4. Turn the nose stud 180 degrees one way and then 180 degrees the other way ie. 1/2 turns slowly 2-3 times per day.

  5. Ensure cosmetics, make-up and other preparations are kept away from the nose.

  6. After showering, or swimming bathe the nose immediately.

  7. The nose stud is not to be removed or handled unnecessarily

  8. The design and positioning of the Medisept nose piercing studs ensure that the slightly flared post keeps the jewellery in place for the healing period.


*TOP TIP: Pop a small circular plaster over the stud at night to prevent it falling out in your sleep.*

Still got questions? Not a problem... simply call the salon and ask to speak to Hayley: 01954 261176

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