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Henna Brows

Henna Brows, £30

45 mins


Henna brows are the number one go-to brow treatment right now for anyone wanting to enhance their brows and save time in the morning. This treatment is a brow colouring system that stains the skin between the brow hairs, casting a shadow and creating a permanent brow look that won’t wash off!


The treatment consists of brow mapping and design to make sure that the brows are sat evenly. A colour will be chosen to suit your skin tone, ranging from light blonde through to blacks and burgundy; there is a colour that can be custom made for any brow! Colour application where wax is applied to the brow and a tidy to complete that defined brow look, as well as a complimentary brow massage using our brow strengthening serum that smells divine and will lock in the brow colour.


Your first treatment will take 45-60 minutes. Treatments thereafter will be 30-45 minutes once we have created your bespoke brow colour mix. This treatment is perfect for those wanting to save time in the mornings or getting ready for that Friday night out, a special occasion or holiday!


Colour will stay on the skin between 2-10 days and the henna tint lasts on the brow hair up to 8 weeks. This treatment is ideal for those with little brow hair or fuller brows. Please be aware that this look can be achieved when there is little or no brow hair, but these clients are more suitable for a permanent brow treatment.

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