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Fat Dissolving Injections

Fat dissolving injections are perfect for stubborn areas of fat such as jowls, double chin, banana rolls, stubborn stomach fat, flanks, bingo wings etc. 

How does it work?

  • A course of 3-4 sessions is required.

  • The treatment is administered using a cannula, anaesthetic is used prior to your procedure.

  • Totally non-surgical, downtime roughly 1 week.

  • Microneedling carried out after your treatment to firm skin.

  • Dissolves fat cells which are then passed through the lymphatic system. Healthy diet required while having this treatment with no alcohol.


£150 on the face, £175 on the body (per area - 1 area = 6x6cm square)

Please feel free to message us with any questions you may have, or to book your free consultation.

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