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Skin Consultations

Amie Holder-Soares will be offering Skincare Consultations (from £15), Chemical Skin Peels and an assortment of Microneedling treatments ​as part of Skin Studio; helping you achieve your best skin to date!

Skin Consultations, from £15

Let’s talk about your skin concerns,
Dryness? Redness? Acne? Pigmentations? Lines and wrinkles?

Book a Skin Consultation with Amie to discuss your skin concerns, goals or conditions; and devise an expert, bespoke treatment / skincare programme to suit your individual needs. 

A Skin Consultation is required with Amie Holder-Soares - a medical professional - before you book a Skin Peel, Microneedling session or Mesotherapy treatment to ensure your suitability... so why not get yours booked in now?

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