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Chemical Skin Peels

Amie Holder-Soares will be offering Skincare Consultations (from £15), Chemical Skin Peels and an assortment of Microneedling treatments ​as part of Skin Studio; helping you achieve your best skin to date!

A Skin Consultation is required with Amie Holder-Soares - a medical professional - before booking a skin peel to ensure your suitability. Treatment plans vary from person to person - as after all, your skin is as unique as you are. We initially recommend a course of three treatments. 

What are Chemical Peels?

Chemical peels are a fantastic way of resetting your skin cycle. After a course of skin peels you can expect:

  • Rejuvenated and brighter skin,

  • Revival of dull skin,

  • Removal of dead skin cells,

  • Even skin texture and tone,

  • Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles,

  • Smoother, softer skin,

  • Eliminated pigmentation and reduced effects of sun damage,

  • Reduction of inflammation and breakouts caused by acne,

  • Hydrated and nourished skin,

  • Stimulated collagen production for plump and youthful looking skin.


Chemical peels work best initially as a course of treatments - although it may be possible to enjoy them in the future on more of an adhoc basis. Your skin cycle is 28 days, so initially a treatment every 28 days is advised.

Chemical Peels (1).png

Chemical Peels for Acne, from £90

Acne is a skin condition that causes spots and oily skin. The main symptoms are spots on your face, back and chest; which can be painful to touch. They can appear as large pustules and leave unsightly scarring.

The difference between acne and spots is that acne is a condition affecting the skin's hair follicles and oil glands under the skin - whereas spots come and go. 

Amie recommends a Beta Hydroxy Acid Chemical Peel (which contains Salicylic Acid) for those suffering with acne & breakouts. This peel penetrates into the pores; working from the top down. It helps to get rid of congestion; unblocking pores, controlling sebum, reducing oil and removing dead skin cells. 

One of the other most beneficial aspects of a a Beta Hydroxy Acid Chemical Peel (BHA) are its anti-inflammatory properties, which helps with inflamed acne sites. It also boasts anti-bacterial properties, which eradicate the bacteria which thrive in clogged pores / follicles.

Alongside a course of BHA Peels, a strict skin care regime is also advised; including a wash, toner and moisturiser. There is potential that a course of micro-needling could be useful further down the line in your treatment plan; to help with any scarring caused by your acne.

Treatment options:

1. Salicylic Acid Peel (for skin concerns a course of 3 treatments is advised)                                                              


30 minutes


2.. Course of 3 Salicylic Acid Peels (one every 28 days for 3 months)                                                                 

£243.00 (10% reduction)

30 minutes

Chemical Peels for Redness / Dry Skin, from £90

Some people are more prone to dry skin than others. Some jobs - such as careers that involve working outside a lot - can exacerbate dry skin and redness; as individuals in these roles are more exposed to environmental factors, sun (UVR), change in humidity and wind.

Rosacea is a long-term common skin condition that causes redness and visible blood vessels on the face - and can sometimes produce small, red, pus filled bumps too. These signs and symptoms can flare up and then disappear for a while. This condition is generally more common in women than men - however the symptoms can be worse in men.


PHAs (Poly Hydroxy Acids) work very slowly on the skin; making them a fantastic choice for sensitive skin, prone to irritation and redness. PHAs have a larger molecular structure than AHAs, in turn meaning that they work slower and aren't as powerful as other acids with smaller molecular structures. PHA Peels are fantastic for rosacea and eczema prone skin. Examples of these acids would be those such as Gluconolactone and Lactobionic acid, which exfoliate the skin, lock in moisture and work like an antioxidant.

Treatment options:


1. Poly Hydroxy Acid Peel (for skin concerns a course of 3 treatments is advised)           


30 minutes


2.. Course of 3 Poly Hydroxy Acid Peels (one every 28 days for 3 months)                                                                                   

£243.00 (10% reduction)

30 minutes

Chemical Peels (2).png

Chemical Peels for Signs Of Ageing, from £95

Skin changes & signs of ageing occur when the loss of elastin and collagen in the skin cause it to become “saggy”. Our skin becomes more transparent & fragile as we age, which is caused by the thinning of the epidermis.

Certain treatments can be carried out to help us reduce the appearance of signs of ageing; such as chemical peels, also known as exfoliation.

Signs of ageing often include fine lines, wrinkles, sagging of the skin (elastosis), non-cancerous skin growths, pigment changes (such as liver spots) and thickening of the skin.

Chemical Peels improve the appearance of ageing skin by using chemicals / enzymes to remove dead skin cells and increase cell turn-over. This new skin is smoother and less wrinkled in appearance. The acid penetrates into the superficial layer of the skin (epidermis) and produces a quick exfoliation.

The type of Peel Amie would suggest to achieve good results and reduce signs of ageing would be a TCA (Tricholoroacetic Acid) Peel - which exfoliates the top layer of the skin over the course of several days, to reveal a smoother layer of skin.

BioRePeel contains 35% Trichloroacetic Acid for face and neck - and 50% for use on for the body. This product also contains Gamma Aminobutyric Acid which is a muscle relaxant - thereby reducing wrinkles; all with minimal downtime.


This Peel is an excellent choice to treat very fine lines and wrinkles - as well as early scarring.

Treatment options:

1. BioRePeel (course of 3 treatments advised initially for best results)                                                   


30 minutes


2.. Course of 3 BioRePeel treatments                                                                                                 

£256.50 (saving 10%)

30 minutes                   


Chemical Peels for Pigmentation, from £90


Hyperpigmentation is an overreaction of pigment in the skin caused by trauma such as acne, eczema and / or psoriasis. These traumas trigger response from your melanin producers - whose job is to give us an even skin tone and protect our skin from UV radiation. Sometimes the immune system destroys the melanocytes (cells which make melanin) and can cause patches of pigmented skin such as seen in the condition Vitiligo (the skin condition model Winnie Harlow has.)

For pigmentation, a Chemical Peel containing Tyrosinate is advised. This is a skin lightening enzyme and is the most successful at reducing pigmentation, as it prevents over production of melanin.

Mandelic peels include Tyronaise inhibitors, such as Kojic Dipalmitate; which is another skin lightening enzyme. These treat the cells being formed in the basal layer to reduce the activity of the over-producing melanocytes and also speed up cell turn over.

Treatment options:

1. Mandelic Peel (for skin concerns a course of 3 treatments is advised)           


30 minutes


2. Course of 3 Mandelic Peels (one every 28 days for 3 months)                                                                                   

£243.00 (10% reduction)

30 minutes

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